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About the Career Service Office

Recent statistics show that a high unemployment rate arises from the fact that most Kenyan university and college graduates do not find gainful employment. The employment market absorbs less than 10% of the total. In light of this, the Office of Career Services (OCS) was established in 2019 by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the State Department of Post Training and Skills Development.

The Office of Career Services is passionate about equipping trainees with the knowledge and skills they need to grow their careers for the rest of their lives, make wise career selections, and succeed in the workplace. Its goal is to combine trainees’ academic prowess with work-related values and soft/life skills to create well-rounded individuals who are prepared for job and/or entrepreneurship. Trainees and graduates can take advantage of a wide range of exciting job options through the career service office. The office helps trainees enhance their professional skills while facilitating internships and campus placements. Every student receives support from the office, which helps them every step of the way as they pursue a rewarding profession.
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Careers Office

The institute is dedicated to complying completely with the government’s BETA (Bottom Up Economic and Transformation Agenda), Vision 2030, Agenda 2063 of the African Union, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S). Through the use of graduate tracker services, the office of career services (OCS) JNNP, effectively facilitates the transition of trainees from learning to earning by exposing them to relevant and sustainable platforms that enable them to compete in the job market. Additionally, the trainees receive pertinent career counselling, allowing them to select courses that match their skill set. In order to properly hone and improve their skills, they are even given advice on how to make money while they study for the workforce.
The Office of Career Services is enthusiastic and focused on educating and empowering trainees to practice lifelong career development skills, make effective career decisions, and achieve professional success.

Competence Through Technology

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide student career services and be recognized as a global center of excellence.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create employable graduates by helping trainees develop their technical, leadership, and soft skills; connecting them with industry partners for internship and job opportunities; providing mentorship and counselling; keeping track of graduates; recruiting high school trainees; and organizing alumni events, among other things.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

  1. To comprehend student needs and align those needs with trends in the labour market.
  2. To conduct research on the demands of employers and current employment trends in order to advise trainees appropriately.
  3. To give trainees performance-related advice.
  4. To give trainees the attitudes, knowledge, and abilities they will need for life both inside and outside of the classroom.
  5. To provide career counselling and guidance regarding profession selection, and educational choices.
  6. To supervise the trainees’ transition from college to the workforce, including their search for internships, part-time jobs, volunteer work, and full-time positions in the public and private sectors.
Our Services

Our Services

  • Providing mentorship and guidance on academic and career matters.
  • Conducting career counselling group sessions with customised themes for particular student groups, like departments, individuals with special needs and workshops covering particular subjects like life skills instruction, resume writing, and employer methods for hiring, interviewing, and business, among other things.
  • Building and maintaining a database of possible employers, open positions, and job search engines.
  • Financial aid services-Grants, Bursaries and scholarships.
  • Establishing of Office of Career Service- student champions.
  • Teaching the public and trainees about the latest job trends and career opportunities.
  • Marketing awareness and application-Marketing and advertising the institution to potential employers in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Establishing of alumni networks.
  • Scheduling workshops on entrepreneurship, interview skills, employer recruiting strategies, and resume writing.
  • Creating and keeping up a library of career resources for university trainees.


  • Programmes for developing skills, like Jitume, Ajira Digital Training, Bingwa, connect students with employers for internships, jobs, and industrial visits.
  • Career Counselling and Guidance
  • Career Exhibitions and Fairs
  • Career Evaluation and Testing
  • Career Talks in High School
  • Exchange Programmes for Students
  • Venture Capital and Creativity
  • Alumni interaction, outreach, and networking